NVIDIA 9600GT Driver Install on Ubuntu (Follow Up)

April 08 2009 | Ubuntu | 7 Comments

Let me begin this post by saying “I’m sorry.” A year or two ago I wrote an article about how I got my NVidia 9600 GT graphics card to work correctly on Ubuntu 8.04. Since that time, I have restructured my website and no longer have the original article. It looks like there are still a lot of people needing help with getting drivers to work for the 9600 GT chipset because it is still actively being linked to from many different Ubuntu sites and forums. These are the people I’m writing this follow up post for.

My desktop system now runs the latest stable release of Ubuntu, which at the time of this writing is 8.10 with the release of Jaunty 9.04 right around the corner. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do anything special to get the 9600 GT to work with this version of Ubuntu. I would highly recommend anyone using an older version of Ubuntu to upgrade to the latest version, not only for the latest NVidia drivers but also for the large list of other software that is now available to you.

If you have Ubuntu 8.10 or later installed, you can use the “Hardware Drivers” program found under the System->Administration menu to properly detect and install the best drivers for your card. After doing this, I rebooted my system and had full use of my NVidia 9600 GT, along with all the compiz fanciness that comes with it.

Hope this helps.

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